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Khalifa now lives in Texas but likely due to her time doing skin flicks in Miami is a huge fan of the Florida State Seminoles.

That explains better than anything why she had to call out Tim Tebow's bizarre eating habits, captured in an impromptu photo by sportswriter Steven Ruiz—Tebow was, after all, once the Heisman Award-winning QB for the Seminoles' big in-state rival, the Florida Gators.

“When I’m buying perfume for Xavier, I lie and say it’s for my mom,” he tells me later.

The spread — which includes colognes, perfumes, and at least one unisex scent — is expensive, each glass bottle cast in its own sultry shape. He shares the apartment with his long-term partner, Xavier, a long-limbed drug and alcohol counselor and graduate student he met on BGC, a pre-Grindr gay dating app geared toward black men. Hanging by the door, there’s a framed painting of a rainy Paris street. “Everything in my house I bought with my porn money,” Branden tells me.

“I like to go in here like I’m not going to buy something, then prolong it, and buy something at the last minute,” he says.

“It makes them think you don’t have money, then bam.” Today he’s on the hunt for Spicebomb, the masculine scent by Viktor&Rolf, makers of Flowerbomb.

Branden didn’t learn he was adopted until age 17, when a family friend broke the news.

He doesn’t know much about his biological parents, except that they were black and Puerto Rican.

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