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https://community.norton.com/en/forums/retaining-your-local-vault Hi,. I enter sign in info and it loops back to asking for sign. In fact, I shut down my computer every night so it has restarted several times and the problem persists. They sent me a free edition of Windows 10 but I have not installed it so I don't think that's the problem. I'm not a computer expert by any means and was afraid to try the fixes that were posted. Hi Judy W, Assuming you are using the Identity Safe as part of a Norton product instead of the Stand Alone ID Safe, please try the following in Internet Explorer: Open the main page of your Norton product. Close Norton, close Internet Explorer and open a new instance of Internet Explorer.

Also I've had that for a while before the problem started. I ended up having good luck just doing system restore back to about a month ago, and then reversing it. Click on "Vault is Closed" and then when prompted, sign into your Norton Account. I'm such an idiot -- I hadn't even run the Live Update, and I was afraid that the Vault would no longer work after I did so.

Takes my username and password, but just loops me back to the log in screen. I don't know if Symantec have pin-pointed it yet or not.

Same iisue, received an update last night and now I can't open my Identity Safe vault. No, I don't know what causes it but I do know that Symantec are aware of it, have collected logs from some machines, including mine, and are working on it.

Click on "Vault is Closed" and then when prompted, sign into your Norton Account. I am using Win XP and have had no problems until recent. I recently was able to log into Identity Safe without problems.

The next prompt you should receive is to Login to your vault." And that didn't work for me, so I must have had a different problem from her. Hello Judy W Have you tried turning off fast startup since you are using Window 8? Recently I rebooted my desktop and now I no longer can login. I keep getting error "Cannot connect to the Norton Server" "Unable to connect the Norton server.

Please try Again." I keep trying and still does not connect.

At times I do get connected to the Norton server it asks for my Norton account password and type in correctly and it processes it and the reverts back to logging into my Norton account and get same server issue.

Eventually I said just to reinstall the "new" version and I will set up the HP system to fill in id/password information, rather than go through the hassle of having to sign in to a Norton account, then sign in again to open the "online" vault in her computer. The call to tech support will have to wait because I don't have 45 minutes to deal with the problem today. Looks like another visit with support is in order when I have time.

After it was all "fixed" I have come to the conclusion that the problem is simply having Windows 8.1 makes it impossible to still have a "local" vault. The problem was fixed a week ago after a 45 minute visit with support. Apparently, every time an update occurs, it affects Identity Safe.

Beside uninstalling and reinstalling and or resetting my Norton account password I am not sure what else to do to get this to work. Click on "Vault is Closed" and then when prompted, sign into your Norton Account.

The next prompt you should receive is to Login to your vault." Ok, I had thought that I went through these steps before. I tried rebooting both ways: by restarting and shutting down and starting again. The problem started after upgrading Norton Security (Deluxe). Hello MANJIT SANDHU It sounds like you have Windows 10?

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