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It's a startling change from the early years after the 1959 revolution when both religious believers and homosexuals went to 'correctional' labor camps Salvador (left), Bourgeois (center) and Robinson (right) listen to a sermon.The mass was the highlight of a three-day conference on transsexuality and theology organized by the Matanzas-based Cuban branch of the international Metropolitan Community Church The conference took place ahead of the 10th anniversary of Cuba celebrating the global day against homophobia, which occurs next weekend.Elaine Saralegui, a lesbian pastor who founded the Cuban branch of the MCC nearly two years ago, said she hoped the conference would foster greater inclusion of trans people and would prove that being trans and Christian were not exclusive.'I leave with having learnt a lot of things I can share with other trans, in particular that there is a God for everyone,' said 26-year-old Cuban trans woman Malu Duardo.

In his first interview since being dismissed by the Southern Baptist Church, Danny Cortez explains why his Church made the decision to adopt Third way approach to LGBT people and why his theology became affirming.I had to learn that it was okay to leave work at a normal hour to spend time with my friends, work out, or just do something for me.Being a single pastor also makes have a dating life challenging.The truth is that work-life balance applies to everyone.Just because I’m single doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t prioritize my friendships and self-care.

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