Whoopi dating langella

As the hours wore on, Langella just wanted to get home.

‘Could anyone, I wondered, be so unaware of what a crashing bore he had become? ‘There sat a man approximately 52 years of age, looking ten years older, dressed in black mink, with heavily applied pancake [make-up], under a tortured, balding helmet of jet black hair, grandly reciting tiresome poetry.’At least, says Langella, Burton wasn’t terrified of playing roles that might make audiences question his heterosexuality — unlike Harrison and Laurence Olivier.

In the world described by Langella, Richard Burton was a ‘crashing bore’ who liked to recite poetry in a drunken stupor, Rex Harrison was a ‘real son of a bitch’ terrified people would think he was homosexual (he wasn’t), and Laurence Olivier was a ‘silly old English gent who loved to play camp and gossip’.

Paul Newman was dull, and Graduate star Anne Bancroft was so vain she fell in love with her own reflection.

I gotta have a man with me.’Langella, who two decades later would be pursued by another desperately lonely, ageing movie star in the shape of Elizabeth Taylor, has now lifted the curtain on life among the biggest stars of stage and screen in a searingly frank and supremely bitchy new memoir.

One of America’s most celebrated stage actors, though best known in his Oscar-nominated role as disgraced president Richard Nixon in the recent hit film Frost/Nixon, Langella has laid bare — as only a privileged insider really can — the huge egos, crushing insecurity and, all too often, unpleasantness of stars worshipped by millions.

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You can see me in the movies,’ she told him loftily one night, but when he left her for the last time after several weeks, Hayworth ran out to the car and pleaded: ‘Don’t leave me.

Langella recalls how Olivier once boasted about his impressive figure as a youth, revealing that one of his fantasies had once been ‘to be standing in a museum and have people pay to worship my naked form’.

Olivier, Langella concluded, could be ‘charming, delightful and admirable’ but was also a ‘deadly cobra capable of striking without notice’.

As for John F Kennedy — who would have thought his idea of a perfect afternoon was listening to Noel Coward telling dirty jokes and belting out Mad Dogs And Englishmen on the piano?

But a 24-year-old Langella was there to see it during a Cape Cod lunch party.

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