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Also, hormones should be avoided in people with breast cancer, a history of blood clots, or active substance abuse.In addition, patients should be assessed for suicidal tendencies, before and during therapy, but especially if taking testosterone. It depends on the levels of the hormones already in the person's body and then the individual's response to therapy, which is affected by such things as age, weight, and genetics. For example, when faced with an anti-androgen, the body may respond by increasing its production of testosterone, although eventually the testosterone will stay suppressed as the anti-androgen wins the battle.She says her clinic, which focuses on HIV, looks at the effects on patients as well as their blood levels. An androgen antagonist suppresses male hormones in the body, which helps control male characteristics such as hair all over the body, she said.But, she points out that, "You can't change bone with hormones -- the strong jaw, the big hands." Surgery on the jawline is available.Medical providers warn that "more is not better." Premarin is removed in the urine -- there is a limit to what the body can absorb.

A pulmonary embolism is a blood clot that traveled to the lungs. People with a history or a family history of heart attack, coronary artery disease, or stroke should be supervised with a stress test and be treated with blood thinners as well as treated for high blood pressure and high lipid levels.One advantage of taking an anti-androgen is being able to reduce the estrogen dose taken.If they undergo transsexual surgery, they can drop the anti-androgen.Hormones should be stopped if experiencing trauma that leads to immobilization and weeks before undergoing surgery.If you suspect DVT or any other blood clot, go immediately to the emergency room, where an IV-drip medication can slowly work on dissolving the clot.

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