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Table 1.8-2: Rules of Evidence It is good practice to adopt student-centred and workplace-centred approaches to the collection of evidence, rather than relying on a one-method-fits all approach.Negotiate with employers and learners to determine what evidence is already available, or to develop appropriate assessment methods.

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The standards provide an essential mechanism for the regulation of vocational education and training (VET). From (2010) , Melbourne: Innovation & Business Skills Australia (107KB) for assessors is from the Assessment Guidelines section of the TAE10 Training Package.

Validity refers to the extent to which the interpretation and use of an assessment outcome can be supported by evidence.

An assessment is valid if the assessment methods and materials reflect the elements, performance criteria and critical aspects of evidence in the evidence guide of the unit(s) of competency, and if the assessment outcome is fully supported by the evidence gathered.

This may mean that assessment methods are adjusted for particular students (such as people with disabilities or cultural differences) to ensure that the method does not disadvantage them because of their situation.

An assessment should not place unnecessary demands on students that may prevent them from demonstrating competence (for example, an assessment should not demand a higher level of English language or literacy than that required to perform to the workplace standard outlined in the competencies being assessed).

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