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Please also note that Marcia Montenegro, who has graciously and generously served as an administrator on the Sola Sisters Facebook wall, will still be active on her own Facebook page and website (both entitled "Christian Answers For The New Age").We encourage you to avail yourself of the resources there.To reach us, please feel free to message either Christine Pack or Cathy Mathews there.Even though our Facebook wall will no longer be active, we will be leaving it up as a resource, as we have covered many, many topics in the past few years. God's election of Israel was not the selection of a "pet" that God would favor at the expense of all others. Israel was to be a demonstration to all the world of how wonderful life can be under the rule of Sovereign Yahweh (cf. God's method of dealing with Israel was by revealing a person, namely: Himself. God created the nation of Israel so He could demonstrate through Israel, for all other nations and peoples to see, how glorious it can be to live under God's government.

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Divine sovereignty does not negate human responsibility.

Marcia's Facebook wall is here and her website is here. So many of our sisters (and brothers) who have interacted with us have sharpened and encouraged us.

Introduction Title The Hebrew title of this book (we'elleh shemot) originated from the ancient practice of naming a Bible book after its first word or words. Charles Haddon Spurgeon is reported to have said about the sovereignty/freedom antinomy, "I never try to reconcile friends." These revelations harmonize.

God's method of dealing with both men was the same, but their responses were different and, consequently, so were their fates.

We can see this most easily in God's dealing with the two major characters in Exodus: Moses and Pharaoh.

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