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View All Articles Air-Conditioning Services in Singapore Towards the end of the year as the weather turns colder, many people are electing to switch off the air-conditioning, preferring to rely on their trusty fans instead to keep the cool air circulating.

While this certainly helps people to save energy and lower their electricity bill, purchasing the right air-conditioning unit from the beginning is a good alternative that allows you to regulate the temperature inside your house all year round while keeping the costs down.

Gone are the days where you’d need to get up in the middle of the night to adjust the temperature by hand, as many of the newer air-conditioning units in Singapore have energy-saver features that allow them to switch themselves off and on depending on their settings.

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These days, we can connect to people of all ages, religions, professions and backgrounds from all over the world through online dating.

In the past, air-conditioning units generally cooled the air until the room’s temperature has reached the specified temperature, before the fan mode was automatically engaged to help the air to circulate.

Today, new energy-saving models are able to switch off the air-conditioning unit entirely when its surroundings reach the optimum temperature, thus helping you to save even more energy.

As the festival grows in popularity, an increasing number of traditional Halloween activities are becoming more widely available in Singapore.

This Halloween, celebrate the festival with your friends and family by organising or taking part in some of the most popular and traditional festival activities.

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