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I don't expect them to jump up and down and have a party, but a simple "congrats" would have been nice. Should I let them know how much they have hurt me, or is this one I should just let go?

My extended family has meant everything to me, and I have done all I can to keep in touch and be supportive of all they do. A: I hope this isn't a self-help book about letting go of slights and unrealistic expectations.

Normally the hoopla—what there is of it—doesn't start until there's an actual volume that can be procured. Start assuming no one is interested in your accomplishment and you will sell no books. I came clean to my then-fiancée, after feeling very heavy guilt.

You mention your book is scheduled to be published "sometime" this year. A few months before our wedding, I cheated on her with a co-worker.

The discussion you need to have is with yourself about why you'd consider staying. Family Dysfunction: I have recently achieved a lifelong goal.

My first book will be published sometime this year. My husband, my friends, and my parents are happy and have been supportive, but the rest of my family has ignored it to the point of rudeness.

I contracted genital herpes when I was about 20 years old. I'm divorced, having been with my ex-husband for almost 20 years. None of my previous partners, to my knowledge, have contracted herpes. This is the longest relationship he has ever been in. I perform oral sex on him, but due to my STD, he will not reciprocate. While he has gotten better about touching me, he does still thoroughly scrub his hands afterward.

It makes me feel like he should be wearing a hazmat suit before coming near me. While I feel his fear is irrational (I have not had an outbreak since I was in my early 20s) he feels it's founded.

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