Sex chat to read

Asking about bedroom antics, STIs or contraception is all okay.

Drugs – You’ll be warned off any chat about manufacturing, dealing or getting hold of drugs, but we welcome conversation about the effects and impact of taking substances.

IT Jedan, who have around 10 full-time staff members, enjoyed annual net profit growth of 35%.says there are another 5-6 firms who are doing very well in the industry, whilst about a dozen firms are operating to try to get a slice of the pie.One of those firms is Magu Mundi, who grew revenues by 140% in 2013 and net profit by 549%.We allow plenty of freedom in chat and you can pretty much talk about anything at all that’s on your mind.It’s important to remember that chat can't offer crisis support or professional medical advice and we have a few limitations around particular issues that we’d ask you to keep in mind: Sex – Chat’s not a place to hook up or brag about your sexual encounters.

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