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The state might provide some small tax savings for 'married' couples.. but essentially because the state (an opinion with a gun) officially mandates what marriages are.. you basically have to comply or face being put in a steel box or get a bullet in your head if you resist your kidnapping.

but they steal that money anyway, either from you or someone else.. I have no idea why anyone of any lifestyle would want to be part of a state enforced marriage contract OTHER than the state's ultimate ransom of shutting out parental rights of the father if they are not married. only people born with dicks than that procreate with persons having a vagina/womb will be selectively excluded from parental rights from their children unless they enter that horrific marriage contract.

Personal/subjective desires expressed in voluntary arrangements will allow for any variety of religion, gender, gay.. it is ONLY via the power of the state's threat of violence that marriage matters.

The state sets the rules for marriage, and the subsequent rules for divorce.

The New Covenant is far more impossible to obey, unless one is born again by the Spirit of God, which occurs by believing that Jesus is raised from the dead, and confessing him as your Lord.

However, WITH Christ resident in one's heart by the Holy Spirit, it is easier to obey the New Covenant than it was for non-regenerate people to obey the much more lax laws of the Old Covenant. p=9797 I quote: A “gay” activist has confirmed what supporters of traditional marriage have said for years, admitting that the gay movement does in fact want to recruit and indoctrinate children into the “gay” lifestyle.

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The only AVFM related topic about marriage should be about the legal effects.. how the STATE uses pairbonded couples as leverage to extort money or buy votes.

A club without any sexual content whatsoever, in other words. Even the bathrooms, aka the San Francisco honeymoon suite.

You know, washrooms, where homosexuals carry on much of their sexual trysts?

Where men could just be straight, masculine men, and not have anyone's ass (women) to compete for, and not wonder if their ass is being competed for either, by gay men.

Where we would not be expected to walk on eggshells by someone who will start shrieking and blubbering to their civil liberties lawyer because we used slang terms for him/her/it.

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