Radiocarbon dating activities

Those "interfaculty staff"s belong to the Departments of Material, allocated into 17 specific units.

The intensive research in the museum has, among other things, thus far resulted in a large number of scientific papers, among which are; 60 volumes of .

The University Museum is one of the so-called interfaculty facilities.

Apart from research, the staff is engaged in graduate education, presentation of lectures, and providing all kind of information.

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For this reason we invite faculty members of other institutions of the university as "interfaculty staff" to make the best use of their expert knowledge.

In fact, due to limitations of space, the museum is currently not able to function properly with regard to one of its basic tasks: storing and preserving (scientifically) valuable materials.

As a worst-case scenario, it is even possible that collections have to be reduced, or housed elsewhere.

Due to the huge numbers of objects, we currently face a chronic shortage of space.

Already in 2000, this problem was acknowledged by the "External Evaluating Committee" (who, by the way, rated the activities by the University Museum high). The exhibition space is large enough, but research and especially storage space need to be enlarged.

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