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A man who used Backpage is accused of beating and raping her, and slitting her throat.The “legitimate tech companies” support changes to the CDA that would hold “bad actors” accountable, Internet Association general counsel Abigail Slater said during her testimony Tuesday in front of the Senate Commerce Committee in Washington. The Internet Association counts the internet’s biggest companies among its members, and they are trying to help stop sex trafficking, too, Slater said.But she said SESTA would “undermine internet companies’ ability to invest in innovations and best practices,” to deal with the problem, calling the bill a “well-intentioned response to a terrible situation.” SESTA is too vague, broad and “opens up liability for frivolous lawsuits,” she said.Likewise, tech companies and others that oppose SESTA, say there are laws in place to hold sex traffickers accountable.A Senate report found that online marketplace facilitated prostitution and child sex trafficking — and was responsible for about three-fourths of such activity in the United States — and the website was forced to officially close its “Adult” section in January.

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