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Most boys experience a mix of emotions, often great pleasure mixed with a desire for secrecy, and one study concludes that this is because it is socially taboo and most parents don’t have any intention on talking to their sons about it.

Parents, be forewarned: Talking about masturbation with your son means getting comfortable (or pushing through your discomfort) about saying words like “orgasm,” “arousal,” “ejaculation,” “erection,” and “semen.” If you cringe at the thought, you must reset your thinking. Your boys need a language for their experiences, and if you don’t provide them with that language, they will learn it elsewhere.

This book is called “the song of songs” (1:1), meaning “the best song of all”—it was Solomon’s greatest poetic achievement, inspired by God to show the place of sexual love in marriage.

Young boys need to understand this: their attraction to girls is something God wired into them, something He delights in because it is part of His creation.

I didn’t even have a name for it for the first several years of my adolescence.

Lustful fantasy, at its heart, is like a sexually-charged mental movie.

Boys cast their latest crush (or crushes) as the leading lady in the movie of their minds.

At the same time, boys also need to develop an appreciation, not just for the goodness of sex, but the of sex.

Just as sex creates and maintains a powerful bond between a man and woman, sexual attraction is a powerful force. The point of distinguishing between sexual attraction and lust is that we do not want our sons harboring false guilt, always mistaking their attraction to girls as a bad thing.

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