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She began taking piano lessons at age five, playing old Tin Pan Alley tunes from her grandmother's collection.

From her aunt, Marcia heard more modern and popular music.

She's received five Grammy Award nominations, including for four of her five previous Alligator albums.

Always a songwriter of renown, Ball delved deeper into songwriting than she ever had in her career with her Grammy-nominated 2011 Alligator release, , Ball continues that trajectory, drawing her listeners deep into her music with instantly memorable melodies and imaginative imagery.

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"We ran into each other at times, and got to talk and reminisce, if you will." When ET reached out to Darden for a comment, the former prosecutor responded bluntly to any and all Simpson-related reports.

"She was willing to take off her jewelry and go to jail with me over a ridiculous contempt ruling.

I was willing to be at her side during her child custody deposition." During ET's most recent sit-down with Clark just last week, the 62-year-old revealed that as of today, she and Darden are not in communication with one another.

According to Ball, "She just blew me away; she caught me totally unaware.

Once I started my own band, the first stuff I was doing was Irma's." In 1966, she attended Louisiana State University, where she played some of her very first gigs with a blues-based rock band called Gum. Her car broke down in Austin, and while waiting for repairs she fell in love with the city and decided to stay.

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