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Had all infrared lights, worked pretty good except when i moved my wrist. I thought about it, and might wanna try in the future, but you are doing it without the parlor's agreement. Just go get more massage, or tip her more and get the agreement to record. Not sunglasses, as that would be too weird wearing them inside a dimly lit room. I just leave my phone in the holster not like I'm hiding it, you can't see light from the screen in the holster. I would think they all have their own spy cameras there. evidence of you being there to either prevent bad boys from visiting again OR use against you if you try to rat them out in court. First time apparently she saw the top of the phone sticking out and just for precaution tossed the towel that was covering me across the top of my clothes pile.

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Unfortunately however, I couldn't see where I was aiming it, so it ended up looking at the ceiling the entire time. The thought occured to me that a place that is giving happy endings would not want to use their own video equipment because if they were ever raided it could be used against them and the girls.

Some won't do it no matter what but others will take the extra money and get to it.

I would also advise keeping your own taping gear small and out of sight as much as possible because some places do have their own cameras and if they spot you with one, it can be a big problem.

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