Is madonna back dating sean penn

Sean Penn goes by a number of honorifics: actor, journalist, philanthropist, activist, humanitarian.

At scattered points throughout his career, however, reporters and biographers have branded him with a much less noble title: wife beater.

That sounds all well and good but this doesn't look like a selfie of a woman who's newly back in love.

Or maybe, just like Sean's "romance" with Minka Kelly, Madonna's snap is just one big Mc Guffin.

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Penn is currently under investigation for conducting a secret interview with drug kingpin El Chapo while El Chapo was on the lam, an interview that was released by Rolling Stone Saturday.He was charged with domestic assault in 1988 and pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor.” To support this claim, the an un-bylined au listicle from 2009.That pieces describes Madonna as a “famous victi[m] of domestic violence” and claims Penn “was charged with domestic assault” sometime in the Eighties.But it is also a matter of record, if you consider mainstream news outlets the “record,” that those violent tendencies extended to Madonna.Indeed, attorneys for Daniels recently submitted 18 separate exhibits (including copies of six articles, scans for three different Madonna biographies, and a reproduction of a Google search for “Sean Penn domestic violence”), which give the clear impression, separately or combined, that Penn has a history of domestic violence.

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