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But, is it wrong to wish my father was dead, to me i dont feel so. as much as possible, but that pretty damn hard to do when I live under the same roof as him. Im sorry but I've had enough of both you and mum not giving a simple **** about my life I... If you’re bored of playing games on your Xbox 360 or Playstation 3, then head on over to Xeer2000, Evil Dave’s, or Dvotee for gaming tips and chat.Or check out the excellent Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 videos sasbenjr produces.Someone who walks in the house and never acknowledge your existence. No matter what i do or say is wrong and I'm the good child and all he does is yell at me and tell me to go away and leave him alone and says stuff like go do something your in the way and it ****** me off because before he like starts talking to me and then does something else at... What is a man, who can't take a stand for his daughter, and calls it tough love. never got married and my younger brother and i were born out of wedlock. Sometimes he acts like he cant do CRAP, i will be all the way upstairs & he... Your roots grow in the cracks of the alleys, college park made you Man enough to see, man enough to see, "there ain't a ******* man in me" with me, go out to eat with me, buy me candy, go shopping with me, tell me I'm beautiful, cry with me, laugh with me, sit at the park and eat ice cream with me, go to every cheer competition and support me, hug me and tell me I did amazing no Matter how I did, dance with me... my dad used to always beat my mom and get way too drunk, use illegal street drugs, and loved to break the law a lot. He will come in my room, when I'm on the computer or doing homework, and ask the dumbest questions like, what r u doing? My story is very sad, I'm a 23 years old Chinese girl, the year when I was born, china was in one child policy, my dad doesn't like girls, so when the day I was born, dad didn't even wanted to look at me when he hear 'its a girl' he walked away and got drunk in somewhere... out of all the people I know he's the only person I genuinely can't stand. During ym 17 years on earth my "father" has been a ruthless tryant to me. I lived in a wealthy family(I guess), many people just go in front of me and say omg I am so jealous you have such good parents and I am just like go **** yourself you don't know what kind of life I live in. but seriously who searches for heroin use in teenagers... She didn't say anything but she did switch tabs from watching Switched At Birth to playing games. he's calling such bad names i feel like not living, the other he's saying how much he lives me and cares. Whenever my mom would ask him what he was doing, walk into the room or ask him for help with taking care of me he would close the window and he would get defensive and angry at my... seems like i can't avoid the living nightmare, right?! my dad comes in and is like 'i think its a bit late isnt it? let's just get back to the story , well my father in a fairy tale would be the evil monster that should be destroyed... hes a pathetic and pitiful excuse of a man, and I hate him almost as much as I hate myself.

I FUCKEN HATE YOU SO MUCH GO DIE IN A HOLE, LEAVE ME ALONE, YOU CAUSED THIS...The University of Pretoria has confirmed that the two women in a racist video that has been circulating on social media are students at the university, and has launched an investigation into the matter.In the video, two white female students repeatedly shout “f*cken ka**irs”, while one says: “A f*cken ka**ir stole my phone.” “F*cken done. Don’t play this in front of Zamane [presumably one of their black friends],” she continues. But the black classmates in the group said they would not keep quiet about the racist comments. and he thinks he is the king of the world and he owns everything and everyday i have to listen to his bullshit and his fights with my mom everyday I either wake up or fall asleep on a fight and i asked my mom many times to divorce but she thinks we have no place to stay and he... as a student, i had to ask for money to pay the fees and books. Now is the time you apologise fur being a **** father and say you want to be involved and you **** off again. It all boiled down and collapsed the day he puit a tracker on my computer, Now he sees eerything i do,type(including all passwords) on my computer, in fact hes probably reading this... i wish i had a dad who would love me, care for me, accept me, initiate conversation and give me importance. so, my family always seem to having problem in financial issue. and i hate how my dad would make my mom work so she can give him some money to pay the car and etc. As soon as i relaxe and think "ok, he's calm now" he turns around and starts screaming like a f#cking maniac. " I'm gonna start trying harder with you "Dasiey" I promise I mean you're nearly 16 next month you need me" right number 1- it is Spelt Daisy! Number 3- I'm not 17 till may not next month Number 4- I don't need you. and after 3 years of me being depressed NOW is the time you ask how I'm doing! He takes them to very expensive trips but cant even buy my mum a present. My mum loves him very much and most of the time she acts like nothing is going on.

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