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We've included a few Sofia-specific GLBT websites above, though many are only in Bulgarian.We hope they'll be a helpful resource; if you know of any other helpful websites, let us know as well! I said whats the real reason because im a foriegner?

The small bar is a bit hard to find, as you have to ring a bell next to a black door, and follow the stairs down to the small basement club. This gay club has three levels, massive dance floors, and is open 24 hours a day so the party never stops.While other cities in Central and Eastern Europe have been holding tolerance or equality parades in the past few years, Sofia's first official gay parade in 2008 was marred by violence from extremists.However this year, 400 people marched peacefully through the city centre, a sign which hopefully shows that Bulgaria is becoming more accepting of gays and lesbians.Entertainment & Services VIP Massage Studio - NEW LISTING Man on man massages with a happy start, a happy middle & a very happy ending.Massage therapy performed by a team of young male masseurs who graduated from the National Sports Academy - this sure is a steamy way to be relaxed and gay in Sofia.

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