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All contributions for blogs may be sent to the blog's administrator, John G. Three “Thomas Wests” lived in Essex County, MA, in the mid- to late-1600s. [7] Fortunately for researchers, only one “Henry West” lived in Essex County during this time period.

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His presence in town and court records is useful in identifying the various “Thomases” and “Johns,” placing them with the correct families.

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He settled at Salem where he had a grant of land in 1640. Cutter (1908) has mixed up three separate West families within his opening paragraph. Cutter (1908) mentioned “numerous” descendants in Beverly, MA, and Chester, NH. [W2] Also, these two brothers, Henry and Thomas, had two brothers, Walter and Bellingham (Bellingham was their mother’s maiden name) and these names should have been used in later generations in New England. [16] The baptism dates are very close to the birth years of the New England brothers.

His descendants are numerous in Beverly, Massachusetts. It is with some reluctance that we do not accept this family because to have done so would have added five more generations. Since this particular West line in Cuckfield Parish was an upper-class family associated with Woodmancote manor in Sussex, there is more information available.

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