Dating fender amps chassis

Tweed is in excellent condition, as are the grill cloth and handle.The Steel is also in excellent and original condition. Found locally, this Fender Champ steel and amplifier set is 100% original, complete, and in perfect working order.The upper back panel is a NOS replacement, the bottom is original.The amp sounds amazing; great articulation in the low notes thanks to that 10" speaker; big, round and meaty highs; and nice compression and drive as you tweak that volume knob up.There is a bit of flaking on the bridge cover and light wear on the body edges. The amp sounds incredible, with lots of life in the tubes, creamy compression, and plenty of volume.The steel is a perfect match, with a strong pickup, and good looks.These low-wattage combos are big enough for band practice volumes, but small enough to offer all the tone in the world at useable volumes.

It’s in excellent condition, well serviced (filter caps, some solder joints, a few resistors, and AC cord), the speaker has been professionally reconed as well and handles the low frequencies well. This 5F1 Champ and matching steel sold in the time between taking these photos and writing these words, sorry folks. Original polish cloth, wire, slide, case, and so on.The GA RVT-19 was Gibson’s equivalent to Fender’s Deluxe Reverb. The Gibson is a dirtier sounding amp with more compression, a deeper and surfier tremolo, and more growl.This one is in quite excellent condition and has been thoroughly and recently serviced.Original footswitch and output transformer provided. There is not much out there that sounds as good as this thing does when you inch up the volume past half-way.In pretty much original condition, this amp has been well serviced and has had the following minor changes: Original Jensen P-10R's have been re-coned, the power cord has been replaced with a grounded plug, the standby switch, presence pot, and speaker jack have been changed.

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