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We’re not going to be for the 19-year-old college student. But if you’re 28 and you’re ready for a real relationship.Or you’re 42 and you’re divorced and you’re ready for a real relationship, then we are probably the place you go to." That’s why Match is highly focused on creating "features that allow you to create real connections," and Ginsberg is committed to pushing even further with video in the future.Ginsberg is the first to admit that Match lagged behind during the massive shift to mobile, and they’ve spent the last few years playing catch-up.But she now believes "We’re as good or better than any other dating app out there." They’ve now turned their attention, she says, to setting themselves apart from the competition and exciting their existing users.It obviously lets you hear the person’s voice, which, if you’ve ever fallen for someone over chat only to realize they had an annoyingly high-pitched giggle in person, you know is crucial.

"We’re really clear on what we are and what we’re not.

You choose the ones that excite you most, and from there, the app matches you with others who want to do the same things. DINING | MUSIC | NATURE Most people like good food, good music and good company but what says more about you is those less common interests — your real passions.

Whether it’s craft beer, theatre or beach volleyball, there are people out there into that same thing.

They’re certainly not the first app to offer a video platform, but as of now they’re the first of the massive dating apps to take on this particular beast.

(Bumble did announce a plan to launch of disappearing, 10-second videos earlier this year, but thus far it hasn’t actually materialized.) While video has fast taken over the rest of the internet — and social media, in particular — dating apps have been slow to come on board.

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