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Ideally, a partner supply measure should be embedded in a well grounded behavioural model of the marriage market that gives clarity to the availability concept and specifies its empirical form.

In this paper we turn the focus back on partner supply itself, presenting estimates of partner availability by age and sex for Britain and the US in 1990-91.The county is made up of 13 metropolitan boroughs and these are Gosport, Fareham, Winchester, Havant, East Hampshire, Hart, Rushmoor, Basingstoke and Deane, Test Valley, Eastleigh, New Forest, along with the city of Southampton and Portsmouth.The population is 1,763,600 as at the census in 2011.Following on from previous studies of the marriage market process, this article aims to define a better indicator of partner availability, with the incorporation of partner age preferences as a key innovation.replace the weights generally based on sex ratios or estimated from observation of respective male and female ages at marriage with the age preferences expressed by the clients of a dating agency.This innovation reveals that though older men are advantaged by the marriage market structure, young women are advantaged by age preferences.

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