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There are scores of places where this little instrument is highly practical in the school room, the small apartment, and the den, or on the veranda of the summer home. It is a full-fledged upright piano, built to meet every exacting cable standard of quality and workmanship. The "Wrist-Rest," a patented Cable device, enables the operator to maintain a natural, untiring position while playing. The Cable Player, Style "PL," contains all the important exclusive Cable features which have made the Cable line of players famous. A powerful, exclusive type motor provides a steady flow of power at all times. Cable piano, is of the even, unbroken and satisfying kind that appeals to the trained musical ear. Cable piano is a remarkable instrument, possessing all of the essentials of a strictly high-grade piano. The scale, which is the scientific basis of quality in the Hobart M.

Cable-Nelson pianos embodied the characteristics of best standards in the art of player construction. Campbell piano was first produced in 1900, and it has well sustained the fame of the man whose name it bears.Brief descriptions of the prominent American piano manufacturers whose instruments are described in alphabetical order manufactured between December 1889 until January 1930. These exclusive features of the Carola Inner-Player mechanism which have contributed toward its phenomenal success in the past few years, have been the transposing device; pneumatic clutch unit motors; easy running roil mechanism introduction of fibre in contact with metal to eliminate rattles when playing by hand; counter shaft running direct motor drive without the sounds of chains when playing; a miniature keyboard on the pneumatic action for procuring an exceptional responsive touch; metallic construction of parts usual affected by atmospheric changes; Solo-Aid Device which plays the solo or melody louder than the accompaniment; four controlling levers: tempo indicators close music sheet facilitating the following of marks the on; cover for lever which also affords a comfort rest for the wrists; sectional bellows construction easily disconnected and removed to afford access to parts otherwise concealed; slide valves transfixed by steel to prevent warping; easy pedaling due to a patented leverage system; automatic Triplex Pedal Device, which the pedals automatically released from a returned to the case by the simplest possible movement. Impelled by a restless ambition to seek a larger field, he went to Boston in his early twenties.This is a Directory of the piano industry at that time and is designed to supplement the analytical matter pertaining to the instruments. The Carola Inner-Player action requiring a minimum of room, permits the placement of a stronger back on the piano, thus assuring durability. There he entered the factory of a well-known piano maker of those days and pursued a course of study in piano making in its then primitive stage.This also suggests the need of some knowledge of the makers of the various instruments. Until the year 1852, Jonas Chickering superintended each department of his business with his usual scrupulous care but was relieved of much of this responsibility upon his taking into partnership his three sons, all of whom had received under their father a practical training of the highest order. Frank Chickering as a "scale" draftsman soon became internationally know and acknowledged and to his extensive scientific research is to be attributed much of the renowned beauty of the Chickering tone.This list is not designed to catalogue all the American manufacturers, but it embraces most of the pianos that have played a considerable part in history for estimates of the qualities of the instruments themselves. Not content with retaining this invaluable knowledge himself he imparted the secrets of his studies to those in the factory in whose gifts he had confidence, thus insuring their perpetuation.

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