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Removing Duplicate Pictures So now you’ve merged libraries and events, and you have duplicate copies all over the place.Six copies of the Thanksgiving dinner, three of last summer’s vacation, and all these thumbnails all over the place. Apple does not provide a way to remove duplicates directly within i Photo.Aperture 3.3 (or later) and i Photo 9.3 (or later) use a new library format that lets you open both i Photo and Aperture libraries using either application.This "unified" library format also allows you to merge multiple Aperture and i Photo libraries together to create a single library with all your photos.Once merged, related photos can be viewed in one place and unneeded items pruned out.Events can be created by date, topic, location or whatever suits your needs.There were 2071 1772 = 3843 images in my two imported Libraries; but this is the count of "current" images.

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When you import images from i Photo, go to the Store Files pop-up menu in Aperture’s Import pane and select In Their Current Location.The images keep their titles, comments, ratings and keywords. Much worse -- comments on Rolls, Albums (Collections) and Events are completely lost.Aperture can't handle metadata at that level.: I added a third i Photo Library of 8,000 items, again by reference. I got an endless SPOD (spinning pizza of death) when I tried to browse the complete image collection. Once you have confirmed that the unified library is working correctly, you may wish to remove the other libraries from your hard drive.It is a good idea to back up all your libraries before doing so.

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