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Mensch, who was a 'chick-lit' novelist then spent two years as a British MP before quitting to relocate to NYC with her rock-group-managing husband, has refused to reveal her source.

But she has happily positioned herself in interviews and on TV as a fearless crusader for the truth who believes Trump's voters are 'the scum of the earth'.

She has called the president 'a tool of Vladimir Putin' and spoken of her 'patriotic and conservative duty before anything else happens to help as best I can stop a Russian spy from entering the White House'.

And speaking on MSNBC - a channel on which she has appeared frequently - she has called the president an 'American zero', 'draft-dodger', said of his appearance that he has 'tiny, short, stumpy fingers'.

Actress Meryl Streep has become more politically outspoken following President Donald Trump’s election, and at least one major figure in Hollywood is ready to support her should she decide to throw her own hat in the ring for elected office.

Alec Baldwin, best known for his role impersonating President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live, said that people could “not be mean enough” to Trump because he’s wasting the “tremendous opportunity” of serving as president.

Environmental activists should stop talking about global warming because no one cares.extensively verified the girl's age and identity, corroborated the messages she and Weiner exchanged, and interviewed her and her father on camera. Attorney in New York and the New York Police Department are investigating.The girl has since spoken to other news outlets, including Buzzfeed. Prosecutors are weighing child pornography charges and lawyers for Weiner are pursuing a plea deal, the Wall Street Journal reported in January. Beyond claiming the girl did not exist, the many things Mensch also got wrong include: A Daily spokesman said: 'We can't speak for everything Mrs Mensch has reported but so far as her piece about the Weiner story goes, it is an error-ridden farrago of fantasy and nonsense.Meanwhile, Mensch claims, a Russian hacker known as 'Nikulin' planted Hillary Clinton's emails on Weiner's computer so 'Russian moles' inside the FBI had grounds to reopen the Clinton email investigation shortly before the November presidential election.The most significant error in the post is her claim that the 15-year-old girl did not exist and did not exchange messages with Weiner.

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