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Sitting in a high-backed wooden chair, my hands resting on the matching table, I noticed the dark circles under her eyes. " she added hopefully with jealousy simmering in the words. It looks more like the wall is keeping her upright, her cerulean blouse puckering as her arms rest under her large breasts, her black trousers creasing where they touch the wall panelling. Kinsey had her ways but when it mattered, she was there.

Before I could say anything she interrupted my thoughts. " she demanded with one of her sly smiles, her grey eyes going wide, full of mischief, a perfectly manicured hand resting under her chin. She only interrupted occasionally with an "Oh my goodness" or "No way! Her customary professionalism is gone, narrowed eyes showing her exhaustion. Tonight, report to Silver and try to remain calm." She leans forward and whispers "It seems like punishment I know, I suppose it is..what? Yesterday she'd been jealous but today, today she was my closest friend.

" as I nibbled on some pastry's and sipped my coffee. If I knew I'd tell you." She raises her hand to her face as if she can scrub away the weariness, the other hand flicks in my direction in a dismissive gesture. I enter our luxurious room but fail to feel calm as usual. It must be something that happened with that mystery client. People bonded quickly in these places, it felt like I'd known her for years, not merely weeks.

The shock starts to dissipate as I head to my room. I sit on our soft maroon overstuffed sofa and wrap my green and grey patchwork blanket around myself. I analyse every thought and action trying to figure out what went wrong. I did everything I was told to do, maybe I shouldn't have stayed? Nobody told me what to do if that request happened; how can she punish me for something I wasn't informed of? Then back to fear as the words 'Silver Room' flash in and out of my thoughts. I stood tall, or as tall as I get, which isn't much.

That's why it's punishment." My fear reaches an all-time high because that's basically what I'd heard. As my breakfast makes an unpleasant reappearance, I feel a hand rub down my back. I take the time to curl my hair and pin it away from my face.

I know why she picked it, to make me feel in control, the illusion makes you feel secure but bare at the same time, makes me feel powerful.

"The Superior said that I can stay here with you, so maybe it won't be that bad? Kinsey dressed in a one-piece and was going for sexy but see-through.

After several silent minutes, I look at her and like she can sense it, she looks up and meets my eyes. I use a special sealant, which means it can't come off unless you use the remover.

The rest of the room was smooth and sleek, just the odd seating area or table and I soon realised why.I explain what's just happened and she just stares for several minutes. I walked over to the dark grey door with the embossed title of 'Silver' at eye level in black and knocked. The cream mesh had strategic lace sections for modesty but it was just for the illusion. Her nude platforms matched mine, both finishing the outfits to perfection. The maids were cleaning around me and once they saw I was awake they gave me a brief nod in the direction of the shower. Once I was clean and re-robed I made my way back to my room. There must be soundproofing or something because not even a murmur escaped once those doors closed. She takes her seat back across from me, runs her hands down her high ponytail in a nervous gesture and leans forward on the edge of the seat. We stood side by side admiring our dual reflections. Kinsey's lithe frame was punctuated by the odd curve and mine was fuller, straining the material while looking completely edible.I expected to be immediately assaulted by Kinsey in addition to a barrage of questions but instead, glorious silence. The sinking feeling that started in the dining hall was getting more intense every second. "I've heard that once girls go down there they don't come back. Too damaged for the normal stuff." She says quickly, no tone, no inflexion. Well, I thought, if I'm going to hell I might as well look good.

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