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He sat down with me recently for his own interview about video games, movies, philosophy, and his many geeky passions.

Andrew Ervin: What I’m trying to do is not make the argument that video games are art, but that they can be. That was when the time and money investment stopped being worth it for me.

Then you need to gather all your friends and family and help them support you and spread the word to vote for you.

GNC is also the official sponsor of the World Swimsuit South Africa Model Search, so after winning the competition, I was in contact with them [which lead to becoming their South African ambassador] Bianca: I exercise five times a week.

Bianca Gracie & special guests, Fuse's own senior digital editor Jeff Benjamin and digital director Mark Sundstrom, look back at the album that transformed Christina Aguilera's career and showed her in a raw, boundary-breaking new light Your one-stop shop for all of Fuse's new podcasts: K-Stop is your No.

It didn’t strike me as all that different from anything else. It’s true, I taught a class for Rutgers last semester. All of the students had avatars and we discussed Buddhism and identity and what does it mean to be a person. What constitutes Andrew Ervin exists as Walt Whitman’s multitudes in reverse. I am no longer contained to this physical presence.I don’t think that’s bad or as a negative development. Having graced the pages of many glossies, Bianca Koyabe has been making waves in the South African modelling world and now that she’s become an ambassador for GNC South Africa, it won’t be long before this beauty goes international! GLAMOUR: Bianca: Winning South African Swimsuit (Now known as World Swimsuit South Africa) gave me that extra bit of confidence.I’m playing Spelunky right now which I haven’t played in a while. That to me was the worst excesses that we’ve seen in some Kubrik, but not nearly as artful as Kubrik, the worst excesses of Tarantino.I go back to Shadow of the Colossus a lot on the PS2 because I really love that game. The ultra violent mass murder with a music video, basically, going on.

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