Best intimidating threats

[Shere Khan squeezes tighter to Kaa's neck]) I know here he isn't.

(Kaa realizes Shere Khan won't believe him and tries to think of something fast.) (Kaa: Well...he's...

Don't go pokin' around in things you don't understand, or I'll be your worst nightmare!

Here's the deal: I make a living selling fresh air to people. ) (O'Hare grabs Ted's collar) You listen to me, boy! Well, my mom's expecting me so I'm just gonna--) (O'Hare laughs) Yes, of course.

) Certainly, if you tell me who is your source of information! (Bree: Just get rid of her, Sloan.) (Eliza: Please, she doesn't know anything about this! ) (Fearing for her sister's life, Eliza gives in.) (Eliza, defeated: Stop! I know these things because I can talk to animals.) Sunset Shimmer: You're never gonna get away with this.

) (Eliza runs over to Sloan, who is holding Debbie in his grasp.) (Eliza: Let her go! ) (Debbie, as Sloan prepares to throw her off the ledge: ELIZA!

) (Shere Khan grabs Kaa by the throat) Oh, please don’t insult my intelligence.

Aunt Spiker: No one else would tolerate with a worth little nothing like you. He said we're gonna go there one day.) Aunt Spiker: Stupid, foolish man!

And all my stuff had better be right back where it was. That's impossible for one--[Vincent squeezes tighter to RJ's head] Ow! (James was looking at his travel book, when suddenly, Spiker and Sponge appear in on him.) Aunt Sponge: You lazy bug! (James: I finished the wood.) (Spiker snatches his travel book from him.) Aunt Spiker: A travel book? Aunt Sponge: This is the only home you'll ever have.

(Dag and his pack surround Otis) What, do you wanna be a hero, cow?

Okay, from here on out, here's how it's gonna work.

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