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Children will either want the parents to get back together and set out to sabotage the new relationship OR try to make the new relationship the ‘rescue’ for them as well as for their parent. Children have to work through their emotional scars left over from the divorce too.

Bringing ‘dates’ to the home can bring about more scarring.

Set out to make friends – not date Do not ‘date’ initially, but set out to make friends.

Be sure to develop friendships with your own gender first, even to the point of building an accountability group with one or more people of your own gender.

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You can give your child no greater gift than to help them build confidence in God and themselves during this time.You do not need to share every detail, but keep them informed enough to keep their comfort zone.This will allow them to progress with you through this social development.In’s annual Love Geist survey into attitudes towards love and dating we found that the main reason people in their 40s are single is “emotional baggage”.They feel they have too much, or they don’t want to deal with a partner’s. Baggage makes anyone a deeper, more interesting and ultimately more lovable person. If you swing it jauntily – embracing life as a single-parent, or working a plan to get back on your feet financially – you’re attractive.

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