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The website lists a specific number for disability assistance, and a customer service representative was immediately available and helpful when we reached out. Delta assigns seating in advance, but the airline’s customer service representative told us you’re always able to ask a flight attendant if you can move seats mid-flight.They cannot guarantee anything, but they will do their best to reseat you.The agent recommended families traveling with a person with autism let the airline know of any special circumstances when making the flight reservation.It’s also a good idea to let the gate personnel know of any special needs and requests upon arriving at the airport. The airline will do its best to accommodate any special requests as long as they are made in advance — it offers assistance on an individual basis.

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Virgin America makes its accommodations on a case-by-case basis, so if you let them know what you need well in advance, they will do whatever they can to make the flight more comfortable.Is there information about traveling with a person with autism available online? Jet Blue explains the services it offers customers with cognitive disabilities, and it includes a section about passengers with autism.The airline also responded quickly to our phone and email inquiries.Is pre-boarding available for passengers with autism and their families? Is there information about traveling with a person with autism available online? The airline offers generalized information about traveling with a physical disability, but there is nothing specifically mentioning autism.The Mighty called a United Airlines customer service representative, who was kind and helpful.

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